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Today I decided to prune back my little akamatsu (Pinus densiflora). This tree was a bit too weak the last 2 years, but after repotting it a bit bigger again last year, and a good fertilizing regime, it recovered very good and was groing strong again. Now, determining the exact timing for pruning black and red pines never was easy for me, but I think it stopped growing, at least for spring growth. And by pruning back almost all new growth now, and reducing the size of some needles, I hope to get some backbudding and a compacter silhouet…

Here’s the tree before pruning:

Pinus densiflora shohin 05-07-2015 001

Pinus densiflora shohin 05-07-2015 002

During and after pruning:

Pinus densiflora shohin 05-07-2015 004

Pinus densiflora shohin 05-07-2015 005

Pinus densiflora shohin 05-07-2015 007
I will keep it ont he dry side the coming weeks to keep the needle size like it is. Now let’s see how it will react in a few weeks/months…


Yesterday late night, these two frogs were playing around in between my shohin collection. Think they were hungry. The first one was so scared of the light, he forgot to eat the snail…
Froggy 1

Froggy 1b

Froggy 2a Froggy 2b



Vandaag weer goed op tijd opgestaan om een in de vroege uurtjes een LSD run te lopen. Nee, niet onder invloed van de drug LSD, maar een Long Slow Distance run. Dus op een wat trager tempo lopen, maar wel een redelijk goede afstand, en de hartslag zo laag mogelijk proberen te houden. Niet zo simpel als het lijkt, zeker niet als er wat hellingen in het parcours zitten. Zodra mijn hartslag boven de 160 slagen per minuut ging, was het teken voor mij om te vertragen. Bergop was dit wat moeilijker, maar al bij al valt het nog mee…

Looptijd details 02-07-2015 001

De tijd is dus relatief hier, wel de gemiddelde hartslag. Die was gemiddeld rond de 159 slagen per minuut, wat eigenlijk nog veel te hoog is. Vooral op het laatste werd het moeilijk om mijn hartslag laag genoeg te houden, hier zal de vermoeidheid wel voor iets tussen gezeten hebben. Volgende LSD run moet dat wat lager, en gaan we sneller vertragen…

Looptijd details 02-07-2015 002

Bij deze temperaturen is het natuurlijk ook heel belangrijk om voldoende te drinken, ook tijdens het lopen. Heb me daarom een flesje Aquarius meegenomen, waar ik geregeld eens een slokje van kon nemen. En dat was zeker nodig. Na aankomst ook nog een half litertje water gedronken. Na een kleine 6 minuten was mijn hartslag weer onder de 120 slagen per minuut gedaald…

Looptijd details 02-07-2015 003

Beetje een goede hersteltraining, je doet heel wat kilometers, maar zonder je al te zwaar in te spannen. En dat mag wel met dit warme weer…


Added a running category to my blog…


Having a bit too much trees for the moment, I decided to reduce my collection a bit. You can find them on my For sale page


And yesterday I also thinned out this little ‘rascal’. Good new growth again, and therefore pruned back once more. I also bisected all leaves so they become smaller,  and thus light and air can get inside the tree again. In theory this should lead to new budding. If there still emerges some new growth now, basically there is still enough time to harden off before the winter really begins …


Carpinus 30-08-2013 001

Before the maintenance job…

Carpinus 30-08-2013 005


Carpinus 30-08-2013 006

A closer look…

Carpinus 30-08-2013 007

Bird’s eye view


Since the foliage on this sylvestris had become quite full again, and sunlight wasn’t reaching the inside of the tree anymore, I removed all the old needles with my tweezers today. A time consuming job, but a very important one in the maintenance of a pine…

Twister 01-09-2013 001

Frontside – before removing needles

Twister 01-09-2013 003

Backside – before removing needles

Twister 01-09-2013 005


Twister 01-09-2013 007

Finished! Frontside after removing needles

Twister 01-09-2013 009

Backside – after removing needles

Now light and air can again sufficiently  reach inside the tree, and by removing these old needles and some of the new, the tree has been stimulated to create new buds. The foliage is now also a bit lighter again, and this allows me to spot pests like aphids much easier as it slightly more difficult for them to hide between the needle stalks. I will also increase the amount of  fertilizer now,  to get a strong and healthy tree,  so it will be able to enter the winter season in good shape. New buds should be appearing in a couple of weeks, and if I find the free time, I will also rewire the tree this week, and reshape it a little bit further. This sylvestris has now about a month or two time for the ‘preparation’ of new buds. I will try to get as much as possible new foliage next year, and the year after I want to repot him again to reposition the tree in a lesser sloping angle. Because now I think the tree is standing a bit unbalanced in its pot,  I think it would be better by placing it slightly more upwards…

To end this post another picture from the right side of this tree, where you have a beautiful view on the movement in this old trunk …

Twister 01-09-2013 008



Today I checked my bonsai & kusamono pot collection, and it became clear to me I have way too much of these pots now, which I am probably never going to use. So I have decided to sell a lot of them. Too much pots to place over here one by one, so I placed them on my Kapaza webshop. If you are interested in buying one or more of these pots, you can always contact me…

Link to my webshop: http://shop.kapaza.be/hv66bonsai

Enjoy your day!




Detail picture of a Hosta ‘Paradise Puppet’ flower with some very nice color contrasts…

Hosta Paradise puppet 09-08-2013 005


Tree strangler, an impressive and scary name for a small plant, you would almost be afraid of getting  it in your garden. Apparently they are capable to ‘strangle’ a mature tree in the long-term. But in bold mood I got myself one, and now I have one of them on my shelves. Let’s hope it doesn’t kill the rest of my collection… :lol:

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 001

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 002

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 003

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 004


View at the nebari…

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 005

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 006


The foliage and some new shoots, which are indeed fast growing… :shock:

Celastrus orbiculatus 18-07-2013 007

Latin name: Celastrus orbiculatus.  In Dutch language it’s called ‘tree strangler’, the English name is Oriental bittersweet, a more pleasant name. Height is 10 cm without the pot. About 18 cm wide. Besides knowing it is a fast-growing climber, I have no experience at all with this plant, so anyone who can give me tips about the care of this species, they are certainly welcome!



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